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Cail at age 17 Cail MacLean

What a cutie at age 16.  *            Cail 97-98 season                   Cail last season

Cail MacLean

MacLean, Murdoch and LeBlanc.. Leaving the Ice. They won that night too!

Super Cail

One of Cail's favorite foods is Chocolate… ooh!

Cail and one of his most devoted fans at a post game thing at Huey's at the Landing.

97-98 Season:  Cail plays
defense too…

Awarded the jersey he wore in the '99 ECHL All Star Game

Taken during the  97-98 season.

I scanned this …

'98-'99 season

'97-'98 Season

'98-'99 Season

On To The Patrick Shrine……..

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