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* As of 98-99 Season

Mike Hall         #17                   96-97   &  97-98

Mike left the Lizard Kings to play for the Indianapolis Ice… Not sure, but I heard he followed former LK Coach, Bruce Cassidy to Trenton this year. He's on ice with former teammates Kam White and Cail MacLean.

95-96   &  96-97            #  18         Greg Capson

Greg is retired, and has settled in Jacksonville with his wife.  He's working for a prestigious local investing firm, but I won't say where… He probably doesn't like personal calls at work. : )        *

Xavier Majic         #19                            98-99

Xavier was called up to the Adirondak Red Wings, of the AHL after winning the ECHL honor "Player of the Month"  in December 1998.  Then I heard he was playing for the adirondak red wings.  Check back later, as I'm getting updated info.

96-97         #  22         L.P. Charbonneau

The Miami Matadors was home to L.P. last season.  He's just as rough as he was when he was with the Lizard Kings too.  *

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