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Andy McIntyre    #                                      97-98

Andy was playing for a team in the AHL, in Kentucky last season, This season he's playing with the Florida Everblades..  He's on contract with the San Jose Sharks, (NHL).

97-98                                       #12      Alan Sirois
Alan is reportedly with Pee Dee again this season. Alan was one of the nicest players (from this fan's perspective anyway… He always said hi.  *

Rick Bennett     #45                       95-96  &  96-97

Rick Bennett (Or "Ricky" as Pee Dee calls him), was Captain with the Lizard Kings from their inaugural season (1995-96) through 1997, He left Jax to play for the "Pee Dee Pride". Rick retired at the end of the 98-99 season. He resides in Pee Dee with his wife and three little girls.

Eric Cloutier       

Eric is retired and settled in Lafayette Louisiana. He was playing with the Louisiana Ice Gators, since leaving the Lizard Kings…. He was known as the pest, for his ability to annoy the living #@&* out of the other teams' players. Provoking was an art to Eric.  * 


Dean was traded to Hampton Roads, as the "future consideration" for the trade that brought Jami Yoder to us last season. I'm not sure where he is playing this year, yet.

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