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This is my friend Bekah and I, at one of the Lizard Kings' road games (against the Stingrays).  We had a blast.

This picture was taken at one the Lizard Kings' home games.  That's my friend Melissa on the right, Bekah behind, and me on the left.

This is Daniel Bienvenue and I, taken just before he and his family left for Baton Rouge Louisiana. 

I like to collect hockey cards and memorabilia,  anything related to frogs, and fancy collector dolls.  I'm working on a collage of pictures from magazines on one wall in my room.  My favorite colors are green and (light) blue. I like alternative music like The Cure,  Urban Dance music and the TV show, Charmed.  Some of my favorite movies are Slap Shot, Austin Powers,  The Craft, Ever After, The Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore, Never been Kissed, and The Mummy.

Rebekah and I, at the opening night game last season.

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