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Devoted to The
Lizard Kings


June 11, 2000

Everybody knows that Bruce Burge and his partners decided to "Temporarily Suspend Operations" of the Lizard Kings… Funny how it was right after they shifted gears, pouring endless hours into their fledgling (Minor League) Arena Football Team, which brought them "mucho" profit…  They say it's because the colisseum was "a dungeon" but we all know that money was their motivator. They're pushing for a nicer colisseum so they can charge higher prices for their "Foolsball" (intentional spelling error) tickets.  Why pretend it was anything else Bruce?  I mean, DUH!*   Anyway, I've decided to KEEP MY SITE UP AND RUNNING… 'Cause even if we never have another pro hockey team…  We don't have to forget the one we had!  And considering that the HAMMERHEADS (Junior - A Hockey) plays at Skateworld (24 games + playoffs only costs $75 too), I'll not have to endure "hockey withdrawls".  What's more, I'm sure that the fans in Tallahassee won't mind another Tiger Sharks Fan! It's only 2 hours from Jax… Road Trip Anyone?!*

The Jacksonville Hammerheads are a Junior - A Hockey team,  members of the Southern Elite Hockey League. They practice and play at Skate World on I-95 and Emerson St.
For More information, call 
12620-3  Beach Blvd.  Suite 166
Jacksonville, Florida  32246

THE DISCLAIMER:  I am a huge fan of Hockey, and am in no way shape or form, affiliated with any professional Teams, Players or Leagues.  I make every effort to keep my pages factual as possible, but my opinions are abundant on this site. Facts are here also, such as news, calendar, and photos. You should be able to tell when it's an opinion you are reading. Don't take everything you read as "literal" .  Humor is a good thing.  And if I offend anyone out there, remember that opinions are like bodily functions, everyone has them.  I'll note each opinion with an * so you'll know.

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